Water Heater Warranty Check

Do you wonder how old your water heater is ? Is it still under warranty ? We make it easy for you. All you need is the manufactures name (that should be located at the top of the heater), and the serial number (that is located on a black and white label roughly near the middle of the heater). Click on the proper manufacture link listed below; enter your serial number (some want only the number portion while others want the whole thing, numbers and letters).  Doing this will give you the date your water heater was made, and you will see if yours is still under warranty or not.

NOTE: ‘Average’ life for water heaters in Arizona is 8 to 10 years. If you have a water softener, that adds 1 to 2 more years (so 9 to 11 years ‘average’).

Bradford White



General Electric



American Water Heaters: locate the Serial Number. The 1st 4 numbers will indicate the year and the week of manufacturing. As an example a serial number like 113468754 would be manufactured the 34th week of 2011. You can also check with the manufacture by calling Customer Care for Residential at 1-800-999-9515, or Commercial Customer Care at 1-800-456-9805.